A Complete Guide To milk_shake Professional Creative Colour

Highly creative permanent hair colouring that guarantees radiant colour, perfect grey coverage, is incredibly long-lasting and has unlimited combinations for a plethora of results. The conditioning and protective cosmetic base combined with high quality and pure colouring molecules have unparalleled results on the hair. Contains milk proteins, amino acid complex, sunflower oil, organic honey and blueberry extracts, a protective UV filter, conditioning agents and selected hydrating ingredients. SLES/SLS free. Specific oxidisers: milk_shake Oxidising Emulsion 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Volumes.

Complete Guide To Creative Colour

What Is Creative Colour

Why Use Creative Colour

Special Mixes

How to use Creative Colour

Different Oxidants

Best Results Using Highlift

Creative Colour For Grey Coverage

Creative Colour Application